1 guy 1 WTF?!

So the other day Chioke was looking up 1/2 marathon racing schedules cause he thinks he’s better than everyone else, and as he was typing the “1″ of “1/2″ into google, “1 guy 1 cup” was the first suggested hit.

So of course he clicked it.

We will spare you the gory details, but in short DON’T CLICK ON THAT VIDEO!!! It is horrible and will make you want to throw up. HOWEVER, if you do watch it, (or even if you don’t) you should definitely watch the response video above. It is HE-larious.

Oh, and we’re screening next week at Channel 101!

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

Here is an interview with comedy master Harold Ramis. If you don’t know who he is, please leave this blog immediately and start watching his films! Trust us, you’ll be doing yourself a favor.

(thanks to Josh Ruben for posting and for interviewing!  Great job dude!)

We (heart) discovery

Taaffe update: Kris is heading off to China, Tavon to San Francisco and Chioke got asked to go to LA to audition for the Midwest Teen Sex Show Comedy Central pilot, a veritable cousin to Titsburg! (albeit, smarter, and actually educational).  Our happy family is figuring out our summer/next year plans and we’ve all been listening to a lot of Discovery, which seems fitting somehow. Perhaps you will love the song Osaka Loop Line as much as we do!

New Site!

So you might have noticed that titsburgcomedy.com just got a facelift. We feel ten years younger! Thanks to press75.com for the theme work and 5 second films for the rewarding breaks in between not procrastinating. You should check these guys out; They’re hilarious! (And at worst, it’s only 5 seconds, right?)

Shout Outs!

UCBcomedy likes us!

UCBcomedy likes us!

So we’ve been getting a few shout outs lately, and thought, “You know what? We should tell people, because, that would be nice to acknowledge, right?” and then we thought, “we should really go work out today, cause you know, beach season is coming.”
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Screening at Iron Mule!

So we’ll be screening next next Saturday, June 6th at Iron Mule, a comedy shorts showcase (does showcase make anyone else think about The Price is Right?) and afterwards there is a Q&A with us! You can throw things! Or heckle us! Or give us chocolate! Actually that sounds better, the chocolate one.  Do that, we like chocolate.  Mmmmm, chocolate…

ANYWAY, it’s gonna be at the 92Y Tribeca, which is:

200 Hudson St., off of Canal (that’s in New York!) at 8pm


And while you wait the week and a half for this, here’s a trailer for a soon to made movie by PicnicFace.  We like them and they are funny and you will like them too.  Or not.  I mean, are we the boss of you?  

Happy Mother’s Day!

So this Tuesday we’ll be posting part 2 of Chester Gets an STD. But in honor of Mother’s Day, here is perhaps the greatest Mother’s Day video of all time:

We Channel 1-0-Won!

So Titsburg is coming back again with another win at Channel 101!  What’s better than that?  Um, this is:

Titsburg LIVE this Wednesday!

Hey! Come see Titsburg LIVE at Channel 101 NY this Wednesday, May 6th!bestofny!