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Too legit! Too legit to quit!


Hey guess who won a slot at the last Channel 101 show? Yup! You guessed it! 9am Meeting! Also…us!

And speaking of good news, our good pal Chioke won a writing/directing grant AND joined the WGAeast! So to him we say goodday.

-We said GOODDAY.

Just kidding! We are super stoked for him! Congrats fellow titsburger!

All press is good press…

Picture 8But it’s REALLY good when the press is actually good press! Tilzy.tv, the ONLY stop for web television news just posted a review of our lil’ show that made our hearts warm. Tilzy, can our website date yours? How cute would that be if they were both drinking one milkshake with two straws?


We are getting pumped for the New York Television Festival, AND our new episode which will be shown EXCLUSIVELY at Channel 101 this Wednesday! Try not to poop yourself (We dare you.)  Hope you can make it!

That’s Tremendous(saur)!

So a bunch of good news!  Titsburg placed at Channel 101 again, so we’ll be back this September with a brand new episode!  And even more dramatic…

WE ARE AN OFFICIAL SELECTION OF THE NEW YORK TELEVISION FESTIVAL!  That’s Tremendous!  So in honor of our accolades, we wanted to share something that made us proud to be in the comedy video game…presenting: Tremendosaur!

Trick-or-Treat from Tremendosaur on Vimeo.

Update: We Channel One Oh Won!

That is all.  Yay us!

*note this video has nothing to do with Titsburg, Channel 101 or anything of relevance to this post. But it’s pretty funny!


So, the day is upon us! We are screening tonight at Channel 101 at 8:30pm.  In order to wet your appetite, here is a clip that has NOTHING to do with Channel 101, save for we like both things.  What’s sort of sad about this video of Randy, Aziz Ansari’s alter-shitty comic-ego, is that we might actually prefer Raaaaandy.

Hope you guys like it!/Come out tonight!

Channel 101 Screening Wednesday!

Hey so we are screening this upcoming Wednesday at Channel 101, which is always a lot of fun.  That’s why that sentence rhymed.  Also, here is a clip from this show on HBO that I’ve never heard of.  Either a) it’s coming out THIS November, b) it’s already out and no one is talking about it, or c) we should probably just suck it up and get HBO.

Clip is pretty funny though.