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And Here’s the Kicker!

looking for some fun? Try these great things!

looking for some fun? Try these great things!

So this week there is a lot of Titsburg action! We are screening at both Iron Mule on Saturday, and presenting a full Titsburg line up at MovieHouse/3rd Wardon Sunday. And there’s a Q and A!  Come Q us!

Also, right now we’re reading “And Here’s the Kicker,” a book of amazingly well researched interviews by Mike Sacks with almost everyone who has made us laugh. If you ever sat down and enjoyed, oh let’s say, Arrested Development, Freaks and Geeks, SNL, Annie Hall (!), Borat, The Office (British),The Office (American) Tootsie, Groundhogs Day, The Daily Show…Just get the freakin’ book!

It’s ridiculously good but don’t just take our word for it! (Reading Rainbow anybody?)  You can check out excerpts(and buy it, you stupid cheapskate) at: